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The kitchen is not just a place where you eat food. It is a space where your rituals unfold. The ritual of living. It is K (itchen) Culture.


A project designed to welcome taste experiences as well as emotions and beauty. High class. Exclusive. The culture of a space designed to be a place of intimacy as well as a place for convivial gatherings.

The culture of humans and their needs.
Of a kitchen with outstanding functional qualities that can also express your personality and desires.
A culture of styles. Because today everyone wishes to design their own space. Re-inventing and transforming it. 

In the same way that we used to transform our food millions of years ago.
By cooking humans transformed their world.
Cooking was growth, the culture of a better quality of living.

The Kitchen is Kitchen Culture, evolution of the same aim.





Actions are filtered by thought. By its inspirations and awareness. We believe in thought. Because creative intuition, sensitivity and design skills have the power to change our perception of things, influencing their transformation. Every Arrital kitchen is the product of thought: in terms of its materials, colours, shapes and associations.
Thought that means sturdiness, precision, functionality and intuitive facilities.



Culture of style and performance. To make everyday life simpler and har.



Our values transcend our products. They involve the spirit of our company, our relations with people and realities. With our local area. We respect the environment we live in: we safeguard its health by means of sustainable choices, equipping our facilities with a photovoltaic plant making them almost self-sufficient.


The culture of wellness and a better quality of life. For us and for our children.



Potential is not created to be left unused. Since 1979 we have been investing in our possibilities. And in those offered by the market, taking our kitchens all over Europe, Asia, Africa and to the American continent. Proud to represent our Made In Italy and its values: experience, enthusiasm and taste.



1989 Launches onto the International market

1996 Becomes part of the Doimo Group

2002 Evolves the production of the modern/classical lines

2011 Develops it's role in communications and wit

Made in Italy certificate

We produce quality kitchens for satisfied clients

Arrital is among the few brands in Italy to have been granted the 100% Made in Italy production Certificate following a strict examination of its production facilities.

The Certificate, issued by the Institute for the Protection of Italian Producers allows the company to guarantee for the Italian origin and quality of its kitchens as well as for Altamarea bathrooms.


100% made in Italy


Arrital lives up to the requirements of the Made in Italy products such as the production on the Italian soil, the first choice materials used, the manufacturing capacities and the production of models exclusive to the brand.

In line with the transparency of Arrital products chosen by the company, the Certificate makes it possible for the goods to be traceable once they have been purchased. A code on each item gives information about the brand.

Quality management is not an obligation set by a rule, it’s the choice of a way to act, of a company approach which intends to put the client and his/her satisfaction at the heart of the activity.


The certificates proving the company quality are expression of well planned investments, of brand policy aiming at improving its performance.

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