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Cooking Show Arrital Milano - Andrea Berton
Backstage ArritalMilano showcase 16 aprile 2015
We are where we want to be
Arrital K_Day - Milano - 09.04.2014
Arrital EuroCucina 2014 by - interview to the Export Manager Andrea Santantonio
DDN TV - interview to the Sales Manager Christian Dal Bo
Leonardo tv - interview to the CEO Mauro Giacomini
AK_04 is a contemporary project: design, flexibility, high quality materials and finishes, technology.
Backstage campaign 2013
The backstage of the shooting of the new advertising campaign 2013
Eurocucina 2012 - the event
Arrital attended the 2012 edition of Eurocucina in Milan with a modern stand, cutting-edge and dynamic, which has seen a constant high attendance throughout the whole event.
Eurocucina 2012 - K_culture experience
The kitchen is not just a place where you eat food. It is a space where your rituals unfold. The ritual of living. It is K(itchen) Culture.
Eurocucina 2012 - preview
By attending the 2012 edition of Eurocucina in Milan Arrital will underline its intention and determination to move along a path of growth which involves both the brand and the product.
Arrital sales meeting october 2011 - the k_culture event
Presentation of the new brand Arrital k__culture - 7th october 2011.
Arrital campaign 2012 backstage
Shooting backstage for the new Arrital Campaign 2012.
Arrital sales meeting october 2011 - architect
The essence of K_culture.
Arrital sales meeting october 2011 - promoter
7th october 2011: the new Brand image of Arrital

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